Frances To
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what i do

I’m an independent designer who specializes in creating bespoke websites, digital products and visual stories for fast-growing companies.

how i work

My design practice takes a holistic approach, blending UX and UI design, graphic design, type design, illustration, creative writing & storytelling.

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UX & UI Design

I create seamless and intuitive digital experiences, ensuring that customers delightfully interact with your product.

Web Development

I help businesses build one-of-a-kind websites that increase awareness and drive customer conversion.

Visual Design

I shape the look and feel of your website or digital product, giving it the visual edge to stand out from the competition.

Visual Storytelling

I simplify complex information in essays, reports, and long documents through visual, interactive websites.

Product Design

I design digital products that consider not only the needs of your customers, but also goals of your business.

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A picture frame containing a web design award for the DigiValet website
A picture frame containing a web design award for the DigiValet website
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Who are you and what's your background?

I'm an independent, multi-disciplinary designer specializing in bespoke websites, digital products, and visual stories tailored for the hospitality, real estate, architecture, fashion, and lifestyle industry.

Previously, I co-founded UX+ University, a platform that helps career shifters transition to UX Design in 16 weeks. I've also held product design roles at FinTech companies such as First Circle ($32M+ Series A) and Maya.

Since the start of my independent design practice last September 2022, my work has been recognized by international design competitions and publications, including Awwwards, CSS Design Awards, Typewolf, The Pudding, and Buried Signals.

What makes you different from other designers out there? 

As a multi-faceted designer with skills in web and product design, graphic design, digital illustration, fine art, art history, type design, and creative writing, I bring a diverse range of skills and perspectives to my work. This allows me to bring fresh ideas and be flexible in my projects.

When you work with me, you'll have a designer, artist, developer, and storyteller all on your team.

Do you build the websites you design?

Yes, I build all the websites I design, including this portfolio. To do that, I use a website builder called Webflow.

Why use Webflow?

Here are 4 reasons why Webflow is a great choice:

  • Depending on the project scope, you can get your website up as fast as 2 weeks, rather than 2 months.

  • You can easily edit any text or image on any website I develop, without dealing with code or looking for me in the middle of the night! It's as easy as editing a post on Facebook — instant and painless.

  • Your website will be optimized for search engines, which means more people will be able to find your business.

  • You'll have 100% freedom with the design of your website. Just let me know what you have in mind, and I'll bring your vision to life — your website will look exactly how you want it to.

Are you open to full-time design opportunities?

I’m not considering full-time positions at this time, but I’m currently available for freelance or contractual work.

How much is your rate?

Every project is unique and my rates are tailored to reflect the scope and complexity of the work.

How do I work with you?

You can book a free 45-minute call with me here, and we can talk about your project.

What are some dream projects you’d love to work on?

Some dream projects I’d love to work on include:

  • An interactive website / visual essay for the New York Times, Vogue, The Pudding, Kontinentalist, or any similar publication

  • A marketing website for high fashion brands

  • A project that's related to interior design or architecture

  • Any website or digital product that addresses problems in healthcare or the sciences

  • A website for a piano company (e.g. Steinway, Fazioli, Yamaha, Shigeru Kawai) or an international piano competition

  • A website for a type foundry or new typeface